Monday, August 14, 2017

New Balance and Stance Debut Stunning Shoes for Day and Night

After collaborating for a year, New Balance and Stance are now debuting the “ALL DAY ALL NIGHT” 247, which is paired with coordinating Stance athletic tab socks.

Inspired by the busy lifestyle of people today, the Stance x New Balance 247 pack represents the intersection where sport and life meets. It offers two styles - one for day and one for night - designed with versatility of wear and time-appropriate activities in mind. 

The white Stance x New Balance “ALL DAY ALL NIGHT” 247 has an engineered knit, making it more breathable and giving it a sportier daytime design.

It also has a sunrise gradient print on the bootie collar, which I love, and reflective details all around. It also has an “ALL DAY” graphic underneath the translucent outsole and a Stance branded lace keeper.

The black Stance x New Balance “ALL DAY ALL NIGHT” 247, on the other hand, is inspired by nighttime and offers a luxe black leather to suit its inspiration.

It also has a suede upper with night sky color hits on the bootie collar, which looks absolutely stunning. It also has an “ALL NIGHT” graphic underneath the translucent outsole and a Stance branded lace keeper.

The “ALL DAY ALL NIGHT” pack will be available by August 19 for Php7,995 at Sneakpeek stores in Alabang Town Center and Shangri-La Plaza; in Sole Academy stores in Alabang Town Center, Bonifacio High Street and UP Town Center; and The Athlete’s Foot in Powerplant Mall.

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Friday, August 11, 2017

Tyler Hoechlin of 'Teen Wolf' and 'Supergirl', and 'Ray Fisher' of 'Justice League' are Coming to Manila!

Here we gooooo!!! AsiaPop Comic Con 2017 is almost here and I can hardly breathe!!! I look forward to AsiaPop Comic Con every year - and for good reason. They make my dreams of meeting the best and hottest celebrities out there come true.

Last year, I was able to meet Nicholas Hoult (and even have a mini duet with him!!!), whom I have loved since my early college days ('Skins', anyone?); Joe Dempsie, who is currently in 'Game of Thrones, but whom I have also been a fan of since 'Skins'; and Millie Bobby Brown, fresh from her 'Stranger Things' gig!

This year, the grapevine is rife with rumours that one of my FAVORITE actors in the whole wide world is coming (won't name him, so I don't jinx it); but for now, here are the celebrities that have already been confirmed for the huge geeky event:


AKA Derek Hale in 'Teen Wolf' and Superman in 'Supergirl'

Sharpen your fangs or get out your capes for Tyler Hoechlin will be coming to AsiaPop Comic Con 2017.

Tyler plays tragic werewolf Derek Hale in the MTV series 'Teen Wolf', though I personally know him better as Superman in the CW series 'Supergirl'. I'll definitely be watching as many 'Teen Wolf' episodes as I can before he gets here, though, to amp up the hype!

Tyler will next be seen in the series 'Departures', as well as in the movie 'Fifty Shades Freed', the third instalment in the bestselling 'Fifty Shades' series. (I haven't read it… does he lose his clothes in it? FILL ME IN, PLEASE!!! :p)


Aka Cyborg in 'Justice League'

My blog name should give away how excited I am for a DC superstar to come our way! And while we have yet to see Cyborg in a full-blown movie, my hopes are high that 'Justice League' (slated to show in cinemas November this year) will ROCK!!!

Warner Bros. says they will also be releasing a solo Cyborg film in 2020, where Ray will reprise his role as Cyborg. This will be Ray's big screen debut, though he has appeared in TV dramas and in off-way Broadway productions in the past.

Who's excited? APCC Manila 2017 tickets are now available at and at all SM Tickets outlets with ticket prices at Php600 for a 1-day pass, Php900 for a 2-day pass, and Php1,100 for a 3-day pass. Kids aged 5 years old and below can attend the event for free.

You may also avail of a limited edition Collector's Pack at Php3,500, which includes a 1/12 Scale Iron Man 'Shotgun' Collectible Figure, a 3-Day Pass, a Special Edition Captain America Comic Book and an APCC 2016 Tote Bag.

See you there? :D

Monday, July 10, 2017

On 'Spider-Man Homecoming' and Tobey Maguire

I watched 'Spider-Man: Homecoming' at our block screening with PMCM Management at Resorts World last week, and while I was initially super excited for the movie - since I had fallen in love with Tom Holland after seeing him dance to Rihanna's 'Umbrella' - I ended up leaving the cinemas with a conflicted heart.

I wanted to like the movie. Heck, I wanted to LOVE the movie. I really, really did. And while it was entertaining at parts, it fell short and didn't outshine Tobey Maguire's Spider-Man movies like I thought it might. Maybe my expectations were too high or maybe I'm just too old to appreciate a coming-of-age movie now, but here's what I thought of it, in a nutshell:


Other things I want to point out that I didn't point out in the video? It's funny that I'm seeing so many memes online about how Tobey Maguire is the worst Spider-Man out of all of the ones who portrayed him on film, but I actually really liked him. Or at least his movies. I enjoyed his movies immensely - yes, even the third one, because as stupid as the casting for Venom was, it was hilarious to see Topher Grace in the role and laugh about it.

In 'Homecoming', I felt like the best parts were the funniest ones - and they mostly involved Ned instead of Peter, effectively making Ned outshine who was supposed to be the star of the movie. It's kind of like how Rupert Grint outshone Daniel Radcliffe in the Harry Potter movies. The movies all had Harry Potter in the titles, but you've gotta admit the best scenes were the ones with Ron.

In Tobey's movies, the funniest parts were the ones with him in it and most of the movies really revolved around him as either Peter Parker or Spider-Man. In 'Homecoming', it feels like there is so much going on and so many people to focus on - people who are infinitely more interesting than Peter, anyway. I actually care more about Michael Keaton and his storyline than I do about Peter Parker's.

I also really missed the quote 'With great power comes great responsibility'. Every time I think of Spider-Man, I think of that quote. And I LOVE that quote because it's so applicable to real life. In 'Spider-Man: Homecoming', we get a quote about his suit and it just doesn't make as much of an impact as the power and responsibility quote.

I would also like to point out that Karen, Spider-Man's suit, is voiced by Jennifer Connelly, who happens to be married to Paul Bettany, who happens to voice Jarvis, who is Iron Man's suit. Wala lang. I thought that was cute.

What about you? Did you like the movie? Share your thoughts! I'd love to read them!