Friday, June 16, 2017

Snow Crystal White Tomato Works Like Natural Sunscreen for Healthy-Looking Skin

You guys all know that I am proud of my morena skin. However, what I am not proud of is the amount of time I spend in the sun every time the summer season comes around. In fact, I love the sun so much that my skin color turns a weird, exceedingly dark, almost ash-like color. Well, I finally found a product that works like a Natural Suncreen and keeps my skin looking healthy at the same time.

Snow Crystal White Tomato contains some of the most potent ingredients for healthy white skin. It has 800mg of Colorless Carotenoids (PhytoflORAL) from a unique breed of organic white tomatoes that don’t just whiten the skin and even out skin tone, but also reduce the signs of aging and defend the skin from UV rays.

Snow Crystal White Tomato also happens to be extremely affordable compared to other similar brands in the market. Most other brands abroad that use PhytoflORAL or colorless carotenoids can cost anywhere between Php5,900 to Php6,900; but Snow Crystal White Tomato only costs Php2,985. It also comes in the form of soap for only Php299.

The best part is that it also contains 500mg of Kohjin L-Glutathione, a highly powerful antioxidant that removes free radicals and repairs skin for a healthy glow from within. (Read: Snow Crystal White Tomato happens to be the first brand to combine both of these products in one tablet; so you get so many benefits out of just one product.

Snow Crystal White Tomato also has Bioperine in it to help the body absorb the PhytoflORAL and L-Glutathione better. Naturally, the faster the body absorbs the nutrients, the faster and better results you will get. I was lucky enough to try out the product before it is out in the market and I am loving it so far! I’ll be writing a better, more personal review in a few months after I experience the full effects of the product, as well, so make sure to stay tuned for that!

Snow Crystal White Tomato will be available at all leading drugstores nationwide starting this July 2017. To stay updated with the release of this Natural Sunscreen, like their Facebook page and follow them on Instagram at @snowskinwhite7 J

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Wonder Woman: Now the Best DC Movie to Date!

In case my blog name doesn't make it obvious: I am a HUGE Wonder Woman fan. Growing up, there weren't a lot of women who really made an impact in my life. Wonder Woman did - so much so that I used her name as my alias for newspaper gigs and eventually, this blog and on social media.

Why has Wonder Woman been my biggest fictional idol? Well, for starters, Wonder Woman is strong. And she is independent. And she rocks her curls and her curves and her strength with an IDGAF attitude. Let's not forget that she didn't need her family or a man to help her in most of the things that she did. (The New 52 Superman and Wonder Woman comics bother me the most because that's when I've seen Wonder Woman at her weakest, I think - she's in a relationship with Superman in it - and I am still unsure how to feel about it).

Anyway, for years, I had waited for a movie to be made, in which she would be able to influence and inspire little girls of newer generations the way that she influenced and inspired me in comic books in the past. That time has finally come - and DC does not disappoint.

Wonder Woman easily trumps my favorite DC movie of all time ("Superman" - the very first one with Christopher Reeve) as she shines bright as a beacon of female empowerment in every scene of the movie.

Gal Gadot is absolutely perfect for the role of the Amazonian princess. Even though I had to wait more than two decades for this movie, she made it worth the wait. It is amazing how her beauty and her strength shine in every frame and how her face can go from that young Amazonian, I-want-to-make-my-mother-proud look in the earlier scenes to that naive and innocent look in the London scenes to that fierce and determined-to-help-people look in the pre-battle scenes to that violent, I'm-gonna-kill-anyone-who-gets-in-my-way look in the actual battle scenes to that humble, I-was-just-doing-what-I-need-to-do look in the post-battle scenes to that "but surprise, I can give you a pornstar face, too" look. And yet she effortlessly made all of those looks believable in the movie. There seriously is no better choice for this role at this point in time.

As for the movie itself, it packages all of the elements and values of life perfectly into 2.5 hours. The character development is very well done. You feel things when you need to feel them and you get affected when you need to get affected. Never did I think that someone was miscast in their role nor did I roll my eyes at any of the jokes or romantic scenes. The twist was a bit predictable for me, but that's just because I know my actors well.

Being as big of a fan as I am, though, I ended up crying a lot - and not just when things got sad in the movie, either. I found myself crying in one of the battle scenes because I was containing my desire to scream and cheer her on. (My heart and lungs yelled "YEAH!!!" so hard, though.) And when she brought out the Lasso of Truth in battle for the first time? I cried then, too. Of course, I cried during the sad parts, as well; but for the rest of it, I found myself crying because of the sheer beauty of it all. It was everything I imagined the Wonder Woman universe to be like on the big screen and my emotions simply couldn't hold it in. It was absolutely wonderful. 

Overall, Wonder Woman does not disappoint in any way. In fact, it exceeded my expectations by far and I highly recommend watching it as soon as possible. (If you can, watch it in IMAX - worth it!)

The most beautiful thing about this movie, though, is that so many of my friends have messaged me throughout the week after watching it, telling me that they finally understand me and that they finally appreciate my love for the character. One of them even asked me to sit down with her and tell her the story in the comic books.

In a world where nobody I am close to actually reads comic books, this is a step up for the world of geekery. People are actually starting to care and ask questions and take notice, and little girls finally have an on-screen female superhero to look up to. Well done, Wonder Woman. Thank you for making your movie version so beautiful and easy to digest. Let's keep moving up from here, shall we, DC? :p

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Globe Cleans Up and Plants Corals After LaBoracay

It was quite depressing to see the posts that people shared on social media after the crazy parties of LaBoracay. Trash could be seen everywhere,  including in the ocean, and it made me feel helpless because I had no idea how I could help from here in the city.

Fortunately, Globe came up with a great initiative. While Globe did host the #GlobeSunkissed party at White House during the long Labor Day Weekend, they also spearheaded a beach clean-up to try their best to bring Boracay back to its pristine condition.

"Our employees, partners, and clients have come together to mitigate the impact of the weekend activities on the beach of Boracay. While giving local customers and tourists the best weekend party at LaBoracay, we also exerted effort to ensure we don't compromise the natural beauty of the island,” said Yoly Crisanto, Globe Senior Vice President for Corporate Communications.

In anticipation of the big volume of trash that is often left behind after huge gatherings, Globe organized a team of volunteers to scour White Beach, Station 1 every morning at 7-9 am from April 29 to May 1 to rid the area of garbage.  If not collected properly, this may cause health and environmental problems to the community. 

The 46 volunteers include Globe employees, media partners, Solid Waste Management team of Malay local government, and representatives from Cambridge University Press. Together, they collected empty bottles, plastic containers, cigarette butts, and biodegradables which were segregated accordingly.

A total of 130 bags full of trash were collected after three days. In parallel, some volunteers also designed new trash drums decorated with water-based paint, which were left as donations to Sea Wind and White House resorts. 

Apart from the beach clean-up activity, 25 Globe executives and guests also participated in the planting of coral fragments in nursery rafts provided by Boracay Foundation, Inc (BFI).  The corals will later on be transferred to BFI’s identified underwater nurseries.  BFI is a non-profit, non-stock association aimed at sustaining the island’s environmental, business, and social needs. The activity aims to raise awareness and educate the public, especially those visiting the island, on the importance of coral transplantation. This is one way to help ensure marine life biodiversity, environment conservation and sustainable eco-tourism.

Fun fact: Globe has been actively helping Boracay with its environmental initiatives since 2012. :)