Saturday, September 22, 2018

10 PlayStation One Games That I Hope the PlayStation Classic Will Have

Sony recently announced that they will be releasing a mini version of the console of all consoles this December (yes, just in time for Christmas, mi familia! *parinig pairing hehehe*), and I. Cannot. Wait.

Although I was a huge Nintendo baby, playing Nintendo games on the SNES and the Gameboy and all that; I have extra immense feelings for the Sony PlayStation because it was the console that really made me feel things while I was gaming.

To this day, I still feel like crying whenever I hear the soundtrack of Final Fantasy VII. And when someone asks me to play Tekken with them, I cannot not say yes because I finished all of the Arcade modes - even with characters I didn't like - just to find out more about their background and history. (I'm a nerd and therefore am a sucker for games with killer storylines.)

Now, while the console is 45% smaller than its original, the controllers will look and feel exactly the same. Nostalgiaaaaa!

So far, the PlayStation gods have already announced that 20 games will come preloaded in the PlayStation Classic, but they haven't announced which games those will be. In the perfect world of Angel, these games would be a part of those 20 (aside from the already-announced 'Final Fantasy VII', 'Wild Arms', and 'Tekken 3'):

Final Fantasy IX

Yes, I skipped 'Final Fantasy VIII'. I wasn't much of a fan of it, but I miss 'Final Fantasy IX' for some reason, and would love to play that one again.

Crash Bandicoot

'Crash Bandicoot' was the first game I fell in love with on the PlayStation One. I was nine years old and collected figurines of him and the other characters and memorable things in the game. I finished the entire trilogy, but the first one is extra memorable because I didn't have a memory card yet and had to manually write down each password.

Suikoden II

'Suikoden II' is one of the most challenging RPGs I played on the PlayStation One. It was also one of the most frustrating ones. Remember going on a side quest and then realizing you forgot the other side quest and could no longer make it on time? And oh, you didn't save an extra slot on the memory card, so you either have to continue un-OC-ly without finishing that particular side quest or start from the very beginning if you're really OC. :p Still, I loved every bit of it.

A Thousand Arms

Apparently not a very famous game now that I've asked fellow gamers about it, 'A Thousand Arms' was one of my favorites. Not only did it get me interested in video game voice dubbing (I LOVED their dubbed voices in this!!!), but I also actually think that this game prepped me for the dating world. :p


Yes, Dance Dance Revolution was probably THE best dance game of my generation, but that was more of an arcade game. If we're talking console games, it was 'Bust-a-Groove' all the way. Not only were the characters lovable, but the songs were hella catchy, as well.

Legend of Dragoon

I played a LOT of RPGs on the PlayStation One and this one is probably the most fulfilling one because it wasn't exactly hard and yet you still got to play the game for a long, long time, thanks to its four discs of awesome.

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

Now if we're talking classics, it doesn't get any better than this. I played a lot of Castlevania games on my different gameboys, but I would love to play this one again if given the chance because I'm currently obsessed with the Netflix series of 'Castlevania'. (Read more about that here.)

Tomb Raider

I gotta admit: I wasn't a great 'Tomb Raider' player. This was more of my older sister's game. However, I do remember the fun that I had watching her play and I'd like to think that I might be better at it now that I'm (much) older. Besides, remember that cheat code to get to play the game with Lara Croft naked? You might call it sexist, but it would bring back the memories for me.

Resident Evil

Today's horror games scare the bejeezus out of me. That's not to say that old school horror games didn't scare me, but they were definitely more tolerable, especially if you turn down (or completely turn off) the volume. I'd love to be able to play old school 'Resident Evil' games again since I'd actually be able to play them without fainting. :p

Silent Hill

Obviously, you can't play old school horror games without playing games like 'Silent Hill' (and as a bonus, let's add 'Clock Tower' into this). This game is the reason why fog still freaks me out sometimes.

What about you? Are you waiting for the PlayStation Classic as much as I am? And if you are, which games would you like to see pre-loaded into it? Geek out with meeeee!

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Boyfriend Dungeon: A Game Where You Can Date... Your Weapons?

I've been a gamer ever since I can remember, and I'm the type of girl who can't resist downloading an app on my phone the minute it looks like it's fun to play. (Apps get their money's worth when they show up while I'm playing something or scrolling through my feeds, I'm tellin' ya!)

Anyway, one of my favorite games when I was in grade school was 'Thousand Arms' on the PlayStation. In case you haven't played it, it's this JRPG where you occasionally go on dates with different characters. I had so much fun with it because in-between all of the fighting, you'd get to chill and try to get to know different people. You'd have to gauge their personalities and answer them accordingly. One of my favorite games hands down!

So, when I heard of 'Boyfriend Dungeon', you can only imagine how much my interest piqued. In a nutshell, 'Boyfriend Dungeon' is a video game where you fight a bunch of monsters with weapons that you find. The twist? You can date your weapons to level them up! Huh? Say what?

And look: they're hot!!!

Of course, I have no idea if the dating gameplay will be anything like 'Thousand Arms', but I've been itching to play a dating video game ever since 'Thousand Arms'; I'll take anything at this point. Check out the game's teaser video here:

Is it just me or does that sound downright awesome? 'Date your weapons' was the pitch that KitFox games made on Kickstarter in order to finish 'Boyfriend Dungeon', which will be released on PCs in 2019.

If you don't like dudes, don't worry. They have women you can date, too, as well as non-binary characters (yes, they thought this through). I absolutely cannot wait for this one!

'Boyfriend Dungeon' is estimated to be released in September 2019. To back the Kickstarter project, click here.

Monday, August 27, 2018

Here's Why Lufthansa Employees All Wore Sneakers Last Friday

If you flew with Lufthansa last Friday, you may have noticed something different... about their feet. Last Friday, on August 24, all Lufthansa employees wore sneakers to work. And not just any sneakers, either; but specially designed limited edition adidas sneakers for their employees.

The sneakers weren't just worn on flights, either. All Lufthansa employees worldwide wore them, even announcing August 24 as Lufthansa Sneaker Day.

The day serves as a special symbol of the extra efforts that Lufthansa employees do during the summer when they go the extra mile for their customers, regardless of what the industry might be going through.

Of course, participation in the special day is completely voluntary and they don't need to wear the special sneakers, either, if they don't want to (but why wouldn't they want to, amirite?)

I don't know about you, but I wish our office had employee-exclusive kicks, too. When in Manila x Adidas sneakers? That would be so bad-ass! Huhuhu.