Tuesday, October 20, 2020

I'm Finally Going to Learn Japanese!!!

I. Am. So. Excited.

As you probably know by now, I can speak several languages. However, I never really learned a language that I actually wanted to learn before. The languages I know were all learned out of necessity. This marks the first time I will be learning a language for me; and as such, my excitement is through the roof.

I have always wanted to learn Japanese. In fact, it's the only language that I really wanted to learn (at least before I fell deep into the BTS and KDrama world).

I have actually tried to learn Japanese on my own before what with my intense love for anime, Terrace House, Japanese food, and their whole country, in general. However, I found it too hard to learn the alphabet on my own and understand the inner workings of the language without a real person to teach me about it. Unfortunately, I couldn't find any places to learn Japanese here in the South, either, so that dream kind of fell to the wayside with time.

Well, I am oh-so-proud to announce that thanks to the pandemic, Jellyfish Education is making it possible for me to finally learn Japanese from the comforts of my own home. The best part is that their classes are ultra affordable at only Php5,250 per month!

The classes use the Babel method, focusing on communication skills and allowing students to improve their vocabulary, grammar, and listening skills through quizzes and practice activities.

The N4 and N5 classes come in packages of 60 hours with each session lasting for five months at an hour per session. Plus, if you sign up now, you'll get one month free! Just get in touch with them and let them know you got the news from me. ;)

What are you waiting for? Sabayan niyo na ako and let's learn Japanese together para fun!!! :D

You may call 09487112357 (Smart) or 09179486404 (Globe) for more information. They're super helpful and will patiently answer any questions you might have. Conversely, you may email them at studynihongoph@gmail.com or studynihongo.jec@gmail.com :) You may also like their Facebook page here. See you there?

Saturday, October 3, 2020

'Record of Youth' is a Beautiful Series About Following Your Dreams

I started watching 'Record of Youth' yesterday and I am already up to date with all of the episodes. As much as I love Korean dramas, I went into this with zero expectations because I hadn't watched any of the KDramas of the cast members before.

Now, I can finally understand Anne Curtis' love for Park Bo-gum. While he isn't necessarily my type of oppa looks-wise, I have to admit his acting is absolutely PHENOMENAL and that made me fall for him almost immediately.

In the first scene alone, he immediately showcased what he was capable of and I have been in awe of him in every episode since. Even when he cries, it makes me want to cry with and for him. I love him so much! (Please send your favorite Bo-gum series recommendations my way ASAP!!!)

Looks-wise, Byeon Woo-seok is much more my type. However, Bo-gum completely overshadows him in this show with his acting prowess. Still, he is just as much of a joy to watch alongside Park So-dam, who immediately captured my heart.

I love seeing more real and relatable people in KDramas, and she was one of them. The struggle of doing her day job and doing her makeup raket afterwards to be followed by video editing at home... I may not be a makeup artist, but that just all hit so close to home.

Their undeniable chemistry aside, I absolutely love how 'Record of Youth' gives us a peek of what life is like behind the lives of models, actors, makeup artists, and content creators.

Let's face it: our parents' generation doesn't really understand what we go through in these fields, and the struggle to make a mark in such a huge industry isn't exactly easy.

We see how all of that unfolds in 'Record of Youth' and from different perspectives: from a rich kid with a super supportive tiger mom to a not-so-well-off kid with an unsupportive family to an independent hard-working kick-ass lady who doesn't let her boss get her down.

So far, I have found absolutely nothing wrong with this show. It is relatable and real, and peppered with so many subtle life lessons and reality checks; I will definitely enumerate everything I've learned from the show once it's over.

I was able to ask the cast members a few questions prior to the release of the show and they encourage everyone to watch it, as well. Park Bo-gum points out that "there is a lot of fun in watching the changing feelings of the characters", while Park So-dam says that "you will be able to empathize and heal as you see them go through their lives."

She adds: "'Record of Youth is a healing drama where you can see stories about love, friendship, and family. Youths with different personalities meet, worry, and fight."

Byeon Woo-seok adds, "It's a drama for youths who don't despair at reality and work hard. It's also a wonderful show that makes you think about the hearts of family and friends. There are gem-like lines that linger in your heart and it's created with a fun and warm perspective that shows the worries that youths these days have, which anyone can relate to. I think viewers will be able to enjoy the drama in an additional way of they think about the characters' hearts."

If you haven't started watching 'Record of Youth' yet, I highly recommend doing so. You won't regret it. I don't always go out there and shove KDramas down people's throats lol but this is one of the ones that I will most likely recommend every time somebody asks me for a good KDrama to watch.

Have you started watching 'Record of Youth' yet? What are your thoughts on the show so far? :) Geek out with me in the comments section!

Sunday, September 27, 2020

Working out isn't always about weight loss.

Someone sent me a message the other day saying I was never fat to begin with. The intentions were sweet, but what you might not know is that I actually weighed almost 200 pounds in college (I’m 5 flat). I was a binge eater - the kind who would eat two family-sized pizzas on her own (with Coke!) followed by two pints of ice cream.

That's why progress photos are so important to me. I feel the need to document what my body looks like every now and then because I want to make sure I'm not falling back into old habits and becoming the unhealthy blob of fat that I was back during my college days. Here's my latest progress photo:

MAY 29, 2020 vs SEP 25, 2020

Two months into quarantine, I started feeling my old college habits creeping in. I was practically inhaling cups of rice and ordering two cups of milk tea a day. Food has always been comforting for me, but let’s face it: unhealthy eating habits lead to less productivity, less energy, and a negative mindset.

Don't get me wrong. I'm all for the movement of loving your body and accepting it with all of its flaws; but I also believe that you still need to make a point to look after your health and ensure that you don't abuse it by filling it with junk. (But that's just me. *shrugs*)

On the flip side, I was a size zero late last year and everyone said I was so skinny. I hated that just the same, if not more. I know that people meant for those comments to sound as compliments (since most people in the Philippines equate skinniness with beauty, for some reason), but my personal goal for the past few years has always been to look and be fit and strong - not to lose weight or get skinny. (It’s really just a matter of preference.)

I work out primarily for the positivity that it brings. It makes me feel good to finish a killer workout I know the Anj of a few months ago never would’ve finished. It makes me feel good to know that when someone needs help with heavy lifting, I can get it done. Working out has always been a challenge and a competition for and with myself - physical proof that I continue to become stronger as time goes by.

I still remember the exact date and time when I decided that I needed to add some workouts into my life. I was in my obese state (as mentioned earlier) and had just given birth to Syrena about two months prior to that when I found myself in the stupid position of almost falling off a cliff (long story). Anyway, I slipped and for a split second, I saw my life flash before my eyes. My first thought was of my 2-month-old baby girl who would've been left without a mother. It sounds funny, but I swear it was such a scary moment for 22-year-old me.

I knew that if I had slipped, no one would've been able to carry me up because I was too heavy and I knew that I wouldn't have been able to carry myself up, either. When I got back to the city (we were at the beach), I made a vow to change my lifestyle. I had to start with yoga because my ankles and knees couldn't handle anything more intense than that; and from there, I've dabbled in a bunch of other workouts to keep myself un-bored.

So there you have it: my decade-long fitness story in as small of a nutshell as I could put it (hopefully) without boring you. :p What's your fitness story? Would love to read it!