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Sunday, September 21, 2014

The Unfairness of Life

Life is unfair sometimes. You love someone with all your heart and give them everything you could possibly give to make them happy and yet, sometimes, it still isn't enough.

I am one of the easiest people to please as far as I know. I don't ask for much: loyalty, honesty and occasional orgasms go a long way in my book. However, if you fuck with my heart - especially more than once - it's hard to bounce back. Unfortunately, contrary to popular belief and despite my usual smiley and perky demeanour, there is a lot of emo stuck in this lil bubble of crazy.

letter shirt from Strings Manila / glasses from Glasses Shop / skater skirt from Copper

Sure, you can promise me that one day it'll be better; that one day we'll get there; that one day I'll be happy; that the wait will be worth it. But I've been through too much to rely on empty promises.

Words are just words. How you act and treat me when I'm not around speaks more volumes than words ever could.

Aside from that, the future is never constant. Yes, I love you now, but if I keep getting played the fool day after day after day by Single-You; that love will eventually fade and I will resent you for longer than I have ever loved you.

And I don't want this love to fade. I want to remember how happy you make me feel on a daily basis. I want to remember the butterflies that I still get when I think about you and see you, even after months of having known you. I want to remember the way you look at me sometimes - like maybe there could be something there, after all. Just maybe. 

If there's one thing I realised today, though, it's that you can't force a person who isn't ready; but you can't wait around when you're being played the fool, either. Loving someone is one thing, but it's more important to love yourself, especially when other people won't.

Don't waste your life waiting around for people who don't think you're worth it yet and who need to be convinced that what you have together is worth the world. If it's a legitimate reason, like distance,then fine. But if it's because they want to have fun and fuck around, then let them have fun and fuck around. But don't stand by and watch while you writhe around in silent pain, wearing your fake smile and swallowing back your tears.

If they let you go without even thinking twice… if they choose that kind of life over you… then they never deserved you to begin with. Know your self-worth. Dry those tears. You deserve better. This is my current self mantra.

Photos by Renee Fopalan.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Our Mega Reunion - I'm Back!!! :)

For the past few months, I've posted mostly nothing on my blog but sponsored post after sponsored post after sponsored post - and I'm terribly sorry for that. Despite the fact that I've been super busy with other rakets, I did have to make a bit more money through this personal space of mine and I am incredibly thankful that you stuck by me despite those "low months" of mine (as I like to call them).

Although today isn't a particularly special day, I decided to finally revive this blog from its sponsored post-dom and finally post something personal and fun - something that I'm sure long-time readers of this blog will enjoy, something known as Seph's 21st birthday party (let's just pretend he's 21 to make him happy).

And since I believe that pictures speak a thousand words, welcome to the most epic photo blog this blog has had since my own "21st" birthday party in Zambales (relive that awesome time with me here: Part 1 and Part 2). And now on to Seph's big day aka our MEGA REUNION aka one of the rare times when the 6 of us were actually all free to go crazy together… :p

All photos from the birthday boy.

Things started off relatively conservatively. :p
Even the boo boo made it to the birthday lunch!

With the birthday boy who makes me feel oh-so-young! :)

The quad squad aka The Mercato Crew together again!

OMG. All of us in one photo. RARE MOMENTS.

After lunch, we then headed to Rue Bourbon Tagaytay - most probably my favorite resto-bar in the entirety of the Philippines right now. Cold weather + cold flavoured beer = PERFECTION.

The night proved to be walwal at its finest, so I can't share 99.99% of the photos with you, but here are some to make you stare, giggle and laugh anyway:

I thought we had a decent photo that night, but no.
Spot the tomatoes. :p

A lot of molestation went on that night.

Mostly in the form of Attack of the Trice.
You don't want to know what happened with the birthday cake.

That last photo pretty much sums up the night. I have to say: we don't drink much when we go out (well, David and I do, but the rest really don't), so it was fun to let loose together for one night and have some legit fun in the company of good friends. (It's safe to say this kind of night will never happen again, though. Haha.) Drink moderately, kids! …unless you have a shuttle service bringing you to Tagaytay and back. :p

I hope this post brought you some giggles and laughter, and well, I hope you'll start reading my blog again coz I promise I'm back with more personal posts this time. :)

Thursday, September 11, 2014

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