Sunday, February 7, 2016

Authority Hoodie: Feel Like a Superhero Everyday

Authority Hoodie: Feel Like a Superhero Everyday

You know how Superman vanishes into a phone booth to change into his Superman suit or how Spiderman sometimes rips off his clothes to change into his Spidey costume? I've always wished that could be possible in real life, if only just to make my superhero dreams feel more real every now and then. (Yes, I have legit superhero dreams.) Unfortunately, I look chunky in layers and it is simply far too hot in Manila to wear a shirt underneath your clothes.

So I found the next best thing: superhero "costumes" that you can wear on top of your clothes instead of underneath them. In other words, these are the "costumes" that you can wear in the cinemas, in cold malls and in colder countries: hoodies from Authority Hoodie.

Face it: a hoodie isn't as awkward as wearing double layers and you can just carry the hoodies around, keep them in your bag or, for fellow 90s kids, tie them around your waist when not in use.

Even if you aren't as intensely geeky as I am, Authority Hoodie's hoodies are pretty cool to have and wear. Plus, if you ever have any last-minute costume parties to attend (especially during Halloween), you can just put one of these on and get away with it. :p It would be best if your entire barkada had one.

Naturally, I got the Wonder Woman one. Actually, I got the Wonder Woman one and the Harley Quinn one, but I feel like you might not take me seriously anymore if I post one of me in a Harley Quinn hoodie coz I've always been Wonder Woman. :p

For those of you wondering, these photos are pretty old. I didn't gain weight again. :p

Super loving the details! <3

If you want one of your own, then you're in luck. I'm actually giving away an Authority Hoodie Wonder Woman hoodie right here on my blog! :) All you have to do is fill up this Rafflecopter form! Good luck! :D

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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Do not settle.

So, I saw this on Cosmopolitan Philippines' Facebook page today:

And then I wrote this:

Dear Cosmo,

No. Just no.
Please do not tell women to settle.

If a woman wants a Stan Smith, she should get a Stan Smith.

And yes, I know it can be hard to find a Stan Smith nowadays, but if that's what you really want, then that's what you should get.

And if you want it in green, then you should go the extra mile to find it in green.

Don't get it in pink just because "andyan na eh" or coz "pwede na yan, cute naman eh".

No. Do not settle.

Find those gosh darned green Stan Smiths coz you deserve them.

And when I say green Stan Smiths, I mean the originals. Don't get the fake ones coz they're "easier to find" and coz "less hassle". You'll just end up spending more on something that merely felt like the real thing, but wasn't.

Again: do not settle.

And trust me: a Stan Smith is worth the wait. It will be exactly what you dreamt it would be. You just need to be patient.

Lil Miss Hugot

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Cheaters Go to Hell.

So I finally officially broke up with another asshole who cheated on me: John Vincent Caparas Mabale. A dude who works at Metrobank and is an Iglesia Ni Cristo. The latter part is important. It is important because his main excuse for cheating on me and not taking me seriously is that I am not an Iglesia Ni Cristo. Other excuses include "he wasn't thinking", "he thought I was cheating on him, too" and because "I don't give him blow jobs". Well, maybe if you cleaned up down there and didn't always stink of other women's slut juice, we could talk about the BJs.

Other things you should know about Vincent Mabale is that he got an officemate pregnant and she is married. Her husband doesn't know that their kid isn't his and is actually Vincent's. He also had sex with a girl (@kittensandaliens on Instagram) who I am mentioning here because I confronted that bitch and she was proud of having had sex with my boyfriend while she herself had one. (Seriously, Jad. It's time to get out of that one.)

Anyway, in case you were wondering, I took the liberty of editing Instagram captions of some of our memories for this blogpost:

Truth be told, cheaters aren't a new thing in my life. In fact, it's a pretty regular thing: I get cheated on. I'm not even surprised anymore. In fact, I'm beginning to think that's just my type (hello, John Lennon!) What's sad is that I really loved this one, though. I loved him so much, I wanted to believe his lies, even though he lied to me over and over and over again.

You know when you love someone so much, you kind of just blind yourself from the truth, deafen yourself to your friends' advice and ignore all of the asshole things that he says and does? I loved him so much, I did all of those things. And that may not be the best way to love someone, but I darned hell loved him that much.

Heck, I loved him so much, I even bit my tongue when his friend bragged about cheating on his girlfriend in front of me, even though I wanted to punch him in the face coz FUCKER, ANG BAIT NG GIRLFRIEND MO, GAGO KA. Little did I know that their whole little clan was full of cheaters - my then-boyfriend included.

Unfortunately for Vincent, I've been cheated on since high school. I had a long-term high school boyfriend who cheated on me. And then the babydaddy cheated on me. So I know all of the little signs when someone is hiding shit from me. And, because of those past experiences, NOTHING gets past me anymore. Usually, I get out of relationships pretty early: when I realize they're fuckboys and not what I'm looking for; but this time, I stayed. Stupidly.

Yes, part of it was because I loved him, but part of it was also because I just get so darned lonely sometimes. Like, to the point of depression. And it's nice to have someone to soothe you and cuddle with you during those moments. But is it really worth it when they keep hurting you? I thought I would be fine coz "I'm a big girl and all" and I've seen other friends move on from infidelity just fine, but no. I have more dignity than that. The heartache, the emotional outrage in my head, and the time that I wasted on cheaters in my lifetime? No. Fucking. More.

Part of me is still sad, hurt and annoyed at myself, of course. I tried so hard to make it work this time - to be mature and to work through all of the hurdles because every relationship goes through them. But I called Vincent out repeatedly, man. And repeatedly, I gave him the chance to tell me the truth. And repeatedly, he lied to my face. It's one thing to cheat and then admit your mistake and apologise;  and it's another to cheat and then keep lying about it even after you've been caught and proof is already in front of your face. Ang kapal talaga ng mukha ng gagong ito.

And to top it all off, I talked to one of his close friends today. Back story: he once told me that she tried to hook up with him when they went to Boracay and obviously, since he's Mr. Cheater, I became uncomfortable with her presence. He said he would stop talking to her, but then today, he admits a whole bunch of things about her that just downright shocked me and made me mad (even more so than I already was).

And then this girl has the gall to call me a psycho! Why? It turns out dear Vincent was spreading lies about me to her. He was telling her that I was the one who kept cheating and treated him like shit (aka feel sorry for me, pity me, huhuhu). Wow. WOW TALAGA. Can I just smash a beer bottle in your face and throw you off a cliff into a pit full of crocodiles, please? UNBELIEVABLE.

Dear people of the universe, please raise nothing but gentlemen. The world definitely needs more of them.