Monday, January 7, 2019

'You' Stars Penn Badgley and Shay Mitchell are Coming to Manila

GUYS!!!!! I AM DYING!!!!!

Although I still haven't brought myself to write a review about the Netflix Original Series 'YOU', you probably know by now that I am absolutely OBSESSED (pun intended) with the show.

I finished watching it within a few days despite my busy schedule and for the first time in my life, I found myself incredibly attracted to 'Gossip Girl's Dan Humphrey. Here, he plays the role of a bookstore manager who falls in love and becomes quite obsessed with a female writer named Beck.

'You' also stars 'Pretty Little Liars' star Shay Mitchell, who plays Beck's best friend Peach Salinger.

Whether you're a fan of the show, the book, or either one (or both) of these stars; 2019 is starting out well for you as they will both be coming to Manila to promote the show and interact with Filipino fans.

Penn and Shay will interact with media on January 14 and will appear for a special fan event later where you can also get the chance to win some swag. Penn and Shay will be at The Greenbelt Gallery on the second level of Greenbelt 5 on Tuesday, January 15.

And that's not all, either. They are setting up Mooney's, the bookstore from the show there, so you will get to experience the bookstore and take awesome pictures while you're at it.

Who else is as excited as I am?

'You' Season 1 is now streaming on Netflix and Season 2 has been picked up as a Global Original.

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Thursday, January 3, 2019

The Zombies in 'Kingdom' are Not Like Other Zombies You've Seen Before

A new zombie series is coming out on Netflix this January 25 - and if you love zombies as much as I do, you're either really excited about this or wary because, well, another zombie chuchu?

Trust me, though, when I say this one is different. I've watched a lot of zombie movies and series in my life; but when I watched the first two episodes of 'Kingdom' at the Netflix See What's Next event a few months ago, I still found myself gripping the edge of my seat (literally... we watched it in a theater).

I also got to talk to the writer, director, and a couple of actors in the show to find out more about the zombies. Maybe this will convince you to give the show a try.

Now, we all know that zombies in pop culture usually have unique characteristics that make them a little different compared to other zombies in pop culture; but for the zombies in 'Kingdom', writer Kim Eun-hee wrote about them with this in mind: "I refer to them as the patients of the epidemic or the plague, so I think there is a sense of sadness and compassion that you can feel towards our zombies."

As for her inspiration, Kim Eun-hee says that throughout her life, everything that she heard, read or saw played a factor in it. "Everything that has been accumulated inside me, I feel that they tend to come out at the right time at the right places throughout the process," she explains.

Director Kim Seong-hun points out that since we only got to watch the first two episodes so far, we haven't gotten to see the full aspect of their physical movements yet. "One new thing that will be introduced in episode 3 is that they run - and they run very fast," he shares. Now, while they don't have superpowers like flying their zombies use human muscles to their ultimate potential. "And because they literally don't have a brain, they are unable to move or use their hands."

Apparently, one model that they looked to for inspiration was the T-Rex, so their arm movements and their dexterity are akin to that of a T-Rex. "There have been about 100-200 extras in zombie makeup, though," he says, "so if there happens to be one person way in the back using his or her hands, I couldn't see that."

Ju Ji-hun, who plays the lead role of the Crown Prince in the series, says he didn't feel particularly scared while he was on the set or shooting the scenes. "However, I could really picture myself being chased or hunted by these zombies," he shares. "And because I'm on the set on the location with these zombie characters, the imagination became more vivid for me." He also adds that shooting required a lot of running, so he actually had to stay really fit.

Ryu Seong-ryong, who plays Jo Hak-jo, points out that the team really tried their best to bring the Korean beauty and make the most beautiful scenes in terms of cinematography. This also held true when it comes to the movements of the zombines. "I think they try to differentiate the movements of the zombies. We have a lot of joints bending in the zombies in the drama," he shares.

"I think that until now, what you saw of the Korean pop culture is the brighter, the funner and the side of the sun," Kim Seong-hun muses. "What we bring with you through 'Kingdom' is the side of the moon."

Friday, December 28, 2018

The 'Black Mirror' Movie 'Bandersnatch' is a 'Choose Your Own Adventure' Book Come to Life

I am shookt.

I have never said that phrase in my life, but I don't know how else to explain it. The 'Black Mirror' movie 'Bandersnatch' is finally out on Netflix, and it's an interactive experience that I have never experienced in a series before. It. Is. Amazing.

'Bandersnatch' revolves around a guy named Stefan who works on a video game based on a book, where in the game, you sometimes come to a choice point where you have ten seconds to choose the option that you want. And that's exactly how the entire movie works.

When you play it, you will be told that there will be questions throughout the movie and you choose which option you'd like. If you didn't grow up with 'Choose Your Own Adventure' books, it's basically like that 'Walking Dead' video game if you've ever played it - and it's so much fun. If you fail to choose an option within ten seconds, the movie will choose one for you.

The first question is tame enough with you having to choose the music that Stefan listens to on his Walkman... and when I clicked that button, I knew I was in for something that I will probably keep looking for in the future.

It's not all just about small decisions like music, either. There are bigger decisions to choose from throughout the movie, as well, like your career path, and whether you want to open up about your past or how you treat the people around you. Plus, the music is PURE GOLD.

The best part is that since there are different options, you can rewatch the movie and try different choices and scenarios. And for the first time ever, you can change what happens in a movie depending on your mood. You will never get sick of watching 'Bandersnatch' over and over again, and maybe even watching it with your friends to see which choices they will make.

More than that, I love how 'Bandersnatch' gives us the chance to change things when things go wrong. In one part of the movie, the doctor says "The past is immutable. NO matter how painful it is, we can't change things. We can't choose differently with hindsight. We have to learn to accept that." And yet with this movie, we do get to do that - something that I really, really, really wish I could do in real life. Having that sort of control to change things, if even just in a movie, really helped me feel better in my current situation.

Two thumbs up and a standing ovation for you, Netflix. You have outdone yourself. I am truly amazed.