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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Feather Earrings for Sale

Only Php150 per pair.
Quick! There's only one pair of each available! (Black is now RESERVED.)

Just leave a comment here or email me at if interested. :)


  1. These are really beautiful, did you make them?

  2. do they have facebook or multiply account? :)

  3. Oh hello, you are so sweet to offer me that!:) Yes, i will keep you updated about the NYX lip balms!:D Actually, I was going to include that kind of earrings on my list but I can't find a decent photo of it. after few minutes I saw it on your blog!:) How can I purchase?:)

    followed you already!:)

  4. really beautiful! I wish i could buy them :) If only my parents aloud me ;)

  5. so pretty, i like! :)

    "I'm giving away a giant shopper from Paisley Clothing! Check my blog for details!"