Friday, November 4, 2011

The Search for the Perfect Black Boots

While browsing through magazines last night, I randomly decided that I needed black boots. End of story.

Well, when I went on Facebook today, I saw CeCe's latest posts and there were my prayers answered. Although my decision to get black boots may have been selfish and random, I won't go the extra mile and buy every single pair that I see (even though I want to - desperately! Lol.) So, the only problem I have now is choosing a pair. And I need your help, fashionistas! Which ones should I get? :)

I love this because of the zipper detailing. I always find that a low-cut dip in front of my boots makes my feet look sexier. Haha.

Jeffrey Campbell Lita inspired ones. Because Lita shoes are love. I only have one Lita inspired pair (the flag ones from Asian Vogue Shop) and I've been wanting to add another one to my collection coz they're the perfect height!

I think these are absolutely fierce yet classy at the same time, so they'll go with a lot of things.

I love these because of the pop of blue. A pop of color is always good, no? :)

I know these aren't boots, but I'm getting them anyway. The only kinds of shoes I don't have in my closet are brogues because they just don't suit me. But add some heels and these are the closest I'm going to get to ever owning brogue-like shoes. Haha.

So, do you see my predicament yet? HELP! I want to order them ASAP (coz they take ages to get here), so your quick feedback would be much appreciated. :)


  1. Third one Angel! I like the JC Lita inspired ones but thought it's a bit common now, the shiny part of the third boots gave it an edge. =)

  2. i like the first one, never goes out of style rather than the next 4, they boomed already :) or the third one :)

  3. The first or the fifth. I think both are gorgeous. You are right, the zipper and buckle details are fab on the first one. As for the fifth one, its like putting two trends in one: bootie and brogue = brotie/boogue. LOL! Good luck and please post what you end up choosing. :)

  4. I'd also go for the 3rd shoe~ The patent part makes it prettier.

  5. the third one is a must. thanks for dropping by on my blog and i am delighted to return the favor and im your follower now! :)

  6. the fourth one! :)


  7. the third one is my fave! I want it too! :)

  8. I want all!but third is the best for me!
    visit my blog! :)

  9. 3rd and 5th!!! Oh lovely!! ♥


  10. Wow, each pair is nice! Go for the comfort not a mere design though. but I like the usual boots just like the pic#3.

  11. second one dear! im just afraid to buy that pair from asian vogue cause i have super huge feet. :(

    PS: black boots are edgy! it'l easily make your look effortlessly fasyown! :D


  12. I'm not a real big fan of the Lita boots, but the 1st and 3rd pair are probably my favorites!

  13. Thanks for your comment! :)
    I also love the Lita's, but they're way to expensive! :(
    But I really want to have such shoes!

  14. I also love to wear black boots. First one looks amazing great in design.

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  15. Such gorgeous boots - my fave is the JC one!

  16. I definitely love the first one because of the zipper deets!
    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights

  17. first and fourth. i love items with a pop of color!

  18. amazing post, i love all of these! my favorites are the ones with the blue bottoms. great blog! :) xx

  19. Love all those boots!


  20. For me, you go for the Jeffrey Campbell Lita inspired ones. it goes will with any dress, jeans or typical short:)

  21. amazing boots :)

    your neweest follower Michelle

  22. Really cool selection of Jeffry Campbell!!Come back soon to visit my blog, I'll be waiting for you!!

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    Cosa mi metto???

  23. love the 3rd and 4th. the jc lita inspired will go with any outfit as well as the 4th pair but the 4th pair will give your outfit more edge. trust your heart which one do you really like to see in your shoe cabinet and love to wear with your every outfit. :D

    <3 Maria

  24. CeCe will be featured on my blog soon! Now, I have Asian Vogue who sells similar items. You should also check it out. :)

    I love the black and blue oxford wedges! :)

  25. i love the 2nd to last one!!! the pop of blue is definitely awesome! :)

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