Monday, December 19, 2011

Scent to Try: Coach Poppy

When Style Bible chose me to review the new Coach Poppy fragrance last month, I was ecstatic. At the time, I felt like I needed a new change in my life - even if it was just something as small and subtle as a change in perfume - but I didn't know Coach Poppy would change it this much.

When I picked up the fragrance at the Summit office and saw the box, I knew I had found the perfect scent for me. After all, the graffiti writing and doodles on it reminded me so much of one of my favorite movies, "The Virgin Suicides". I couldn't wait to smell the scent.

When I got home and took out the bottle, my heart literally skipped a beat. From the edgy, creative and whimsical look of the box, out popped this incredibly feminine and adorable bottle. It even has a bow on it!!! So me! :)

As for the scent itself, it is very floral, feminine and flirty. Think: Sex and the City... but in a field of poppies. :p It's a little hard for me to convince you that this is an awesome scent because perfume is generally a very subjective product, so all I can really say is that you should look for it and try it out yourself. I would highly recommend it, though, if you love floral scents. :)

Of course, you can also read the reviews of five completely different women with different styles and backgrounds (mine included!) on Style Bible here. :)

Personally, I believe that scents have the power to change people. I used to wear musky scents at night because it made me feel sexier, for example. :p

Well, Coach Poppy has definitely put a new spring in my step and it makes me feel like I'm a whole new person. I wear it almost everyday and I find that it makes me much happier, no matter how tired I get and I couldn't help but show it off to everybody the day I got it. It was like having a new boyfriend that I couldn't wait to flaunt to the world. :p

Speaking of boyfriends, the guy I was dating totally loved it. He kept mentioning how good I smelled and always leaned it for a whiff. Hee! :D Try it now!

Again, thank you so much, Style Bible, for my new signature scent! I love it! :)


  1. Hee!!! ♥ Totally excited to smell this Coach Poppy perfume! Cute packaging! *_* And I you got me smiling with this line, "the guy I was dating totally loved it"! ☺ Nice!



  2. Sounds (or smells?) like a great new find! Gonna look for this in the mall soon :)

  3. cool! must try it out soon

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