Thursday, May 10, 2012

My Zalora Wishlist

Name: Angeline Rodriguez
Alter Ego: Wonder Woman
Profession: Blogger, superhero and mommy all rolled into one.

Despite my incredibly hectic schedule - I juggle blogger's events, long commutes all over the metro, work, more work, more work, more work and mommyhood - my main goal with my blog is to inspire fellow busy mommies out there to still dress up, look good and be fashionable despite the very, very hectic lives that we lead.

Unfortunately, because of this hectic schedule, mall-shopping is no longer as convenient to mommies as it once was. So, how do I stay fashionable, then? I shop online!

Yes, online shopping has been my guilty pleasure and my saving grace ever since I started blogging. The only downside? Waiting for the purchases. Oh wait, and the fact that the purchases might not fit perfectly. This is where Zalora comes to the rescue.

Not only is Zalora conveniently stationed online, but they will also deliver their items within three hours. Plus, I read a fellow blogger's worried tweet about how her purchase might not fit and they patiently waited for her to try it on, in case she needed to exchange them. Yes. ZALORA IS HEAVEN ONLINE.

I recently went through their items myself, and here are Wonder Woman's top 5 superhero mommy picks:

The Item: Jellybean Striped Maxi Skirt in Blue (size S)
Why I Have to Have It: Since my blog is named Wonder Woman Rises, it only makes sense that I love to wear Wonder Woman's signature colors whenever I go out. However, Wonder Woman traditionally wears super skimpy blue bikini bottoms - and, well, I'm classier than that. Thus the striped blue maxi skirt. Plus, it is conservative enough for mommy wear and fashionable enough for outfit shots all at the same time. :)

The Item: Virus Maxi Necklace Silver
Why I Have to Have It: Have you seen Wonder Woman's accessories? I need something that screams "Look at me. I am Wonder Woman." - and this piece definitely does the trick!

The Item: Urbaine Hanna Heels (Size 7)
Why I Have to Have It: Wonder Woman has some kick-ass red boots that she fights crime with. I want to kick ass in these red heels. Mostly because Manila is far too hot to wear boots in and I'm far too short to be wearing boots...

The Item: Nima Sleeveless Top with Sheer Cape (Size S)
Why I Have to Have It: Yes, yes. I know that Wonder Woman doesn't always have a cape on, but come on: nothing screams "superhero" more than a cape. This item is absolutely epic.

The Item: Gucci U-Play White Leather Watch
Why I Have to Have It: I believe that everybody should be punctual - be it for a meeting, a date, an event, or whatnot. And yes, I could have chosen any other watch, but this one won the battle because it is scratch-resistant (perfect for battling crime... and the tantrums of my 2-year-old) and it is versatile enough to be worn with any outfit, as well.

So, there you have it - the top 5 items on Zalora that any fashionista mommy/blogger/superhero should have. Which items would you choose? Take your picks today by visiting:

Who says superhero mommies can't be fashionable?


  1. YOU JUST LEFT A COMMENT ON MY BLOG! WOW. I'm your reader!! Thank you so much! :) Really made my night. hahaha

  2. haha .. I agree ..
    mummies should look good and be fashionable ..

  3. Hey! I never know you are a mom! I am surprised! You look fab! nice list dear ;)

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