Saturday, January 26, 2013

Couple Shots: Life Goes Too Fast.

A lot of people have been asking me why I started posting couple shots in my blog. Well, I think that's a silly question!

For starters, I have to say that I am not trying to be like anybody else nor am I trying to steal anybody's thunder here. I do this because, to put it simply, I am in love. *cue the barf buckets for cheesiness* :p

No, seriously. I post couple shots in my blog because I want to look back at my archive of blogposts one day and smile at the chronicles of my relationship with Gerd. :)

We were all actually supposed to wear tribal shirts on our Bicol trip, but someone *ahem* didn't bring his, so we didn't. Besides, as mentioned in my outfit post during the trip, our motto was Keep calm and Zzzzz... so I hardly think we would've taken any more group pictures anyway. :p

That's why Gerd and I decided to just wear them on one of our dates in BF. :) What do you think? P.S. We're wearing matching Veloci watches, too. :p

See Gerd's complete outfit post here.

Haha. Spot the matching Veloci watches! :p #ultimatecheese

See my complete outfit post here.

Aside from having an archive of memorable blogposts about our relationship, I also want to make sure that these memories are digitally frozen on cyberspace because life seems to go by so fast nowadays that I hardly even have time to breathe, let alone really live in each moment.

I like to relive moments in photos when I am down. And when I'm old and grey, and when laptops and digital photos are a thing of the past, I want to be able to smile at the distant, loving, heartwarming, making-my-eyes-water-coz-of-happiness past that I shared with Gerd. I hope that makes sense to you. :)


  1. Life goes too fast but days go too slow when you're not around #BOOM lol I miss you! I love the post!! I love you :)

  2. Happy to see you're happy Angel :) God bless you both!

  3. Hey!! Thanks for your comment <3
    I think that it's really sweet post these shots! You're a beutiful couple :)
    I like your blog (and i love wonder woman, so.. LOL)
    xx Zoe

  4. I love that you post group picture. Its your blog so do what makes you happy

  5. A boyfriend with equally fabulous style? You're a very lucky girl! You two are adorable. I love BOTH of your outfits. :)

  6. OMG! Sarap ma inlove lalo na pag yung lalaki showy masyado sa love nya. Enough of snub men!

  7. i do love looking at your couple shots post. :)

  8. you both are look gawjuss. mind we follow one another?

  9. You both look great--love the mix of prints! Thanks for the nice comment on my blog. Wanna follow each other?

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