Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Movie Review: Iron Man 3

I'm not gonna lie. I'm not a big Iron Man fan. In fact, when the trailer of "Thor: The Dark World" came on-screen, I whispered to Gerd, "I bet you this trailer is awesome-r than the movie we're about to see." I was wrong. They were equally awesome.

Yes, ladies and gents. Unlike Iron Man 2, I actually enjoyed Iron Man 3. Immensely. Even though I predicted most of the movie, Iron Man 3 did not have a single boring bone in its body.

It is action-packed from start to finish. It's witty, as Tony Spark Stark always is. The cast is great (watch out for that young boy!). You get to see a ton of eye-candy, especially in Gwyneth Paltrow's abs. And you get to flaunt those Iron Man t-shirts that you just bought at Folded & Hung at the same time. (On that note, thank you so much, Folded & Hung, for the tickets to the premiere! :D)

On the geekier side, I love that this served to be more of a follow-up to the Avengers movie rather than the Iron Man 2 movie, which - let's face it - sucked big-time. I guess it helps that I've never been a fan of Iron Man, so I don't actually know if they're following any comic book stories or not. I was just able to enjoy the movie for what it is: an action-filled spectacle of awesomeness. XD

via AWN

4 stars out of 5. Applause for you, Shane Black. Applause. Now go see it and find out why everyone's been tweeting about it left and right! :)