Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Dear barre3... Thank You for the Weight Loss. :)

After I turned insert-my-age-here last April, I started a weight loss journey. And I decided to take a month-long unlimited barre3 membership for it. After that, I took a month-long hiatus before resuming with another month-long unlimited membership. Now that that month is almost at an end, I feel the need to say thank you to the exercise class that changed my life.

See, this is what I looked like during the end of March 2013.

Here's another one for emphasis (also March 2013):

Although I didn't have any massive qualms with my looks at the time, I was clearly overweight. Take note of the chubby cheeks, my suffocating arms, my humongous legs and my sad attempt at hiding my stomach.

Now, after a month of barre3, a month of laziness and almost another month of barre3, here is what I look like...

Believe it or not, I still weigh exactly the same.
Except: more muscle, less fat! :)

Aside from the more toned physique (the legs!!!), I am definitely much more confident now, as well. No more hiding of the arms, no more covering of the stomach, and no more tight-lipped smiles.

Also: no more cigarettes (except when it's a really, really, really, really extra stressful day), no more alcohol (except in tiramisu) and no more bad sleeping schedules.

Yes, barre3 has changed me completely - inside and out. Seriously. And I have never felt better in my entire life. :)

As for my diet, nothing has changed. I still eat whatever I want (and weekends are a total free-for-all!) and the best part is that I actually enjoy barre3. So... thank you! :)

And now for the outfit post. I wore this after one of my barre3 sessions last week. Fun fact: I pigged out at Krispy Kreme right after this quick shoot. ;p

black tank top from Freeway
black studded flats from S&H

Please take heed that I just worked out, so pardon the messy hair. Also, I was in a hurry, so thank goodness for my trust tank top from Freeway! :)

As for why I'm looking down... I actually had closeups of my shoes, but that was the exact moment where I noticed how dirty they were. Whoops!

striped pants from Forever 21

No more preggy belly and a firmer butt! :D

If you live in the South and wanna try out barre3 for free, then let me know. They'll be hosting a free class for bloggers on Saturday, 8am, at Alabang Town Center. Just let me know if you wanna go, yeah? Hope to work out with you this weekend! :)


  1. ANG PAYAT MO NA NGA TALAGA!!! More session pa sa Barre3 at baka ala VS ka na. :))

  2. I stop jogging for a while now, i forgot my goal, i want to tone my butt and legs too ><

    I wanna be toned again.

    Btw, love the outfit and you look so cute in your "sideview shot with the leg pop" shot. :)

  4. Congrats!! I love barre3 so much!!! Check out my blog to see my own barre3 journey!!

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