Sunday, February 7, 2016

Authority Hoodie: Feel Like a Superhero Everyday

Authority Hoodie: Feel Like a Superhero Everyday

You know how Superman vanishes into a phone booth to change into his Superman suit or how Spiderman sometimes rips off his clothes to change into his Spidey costume? I've always wished that could be possible in real life, if only just to make my superhero dreams feel more real every now and then. (Yes, I have legit superhero dreams.) Unfortunately, I look chunky in layers and it is simply far too hot in Manila to wear a shirt underneath your clothes.

So I found the next best thing: superhero "costumes" that you can wear on top of your clothes instead of underneath them. In other words, these are the "costumes" that you can wear in the cinemas, in cold malls and in colder countries: hoodies from Authority Hoodie.

Face it: a hoodie isn't as awkward as wearing double layers and you can just carry the hoodies around, keep them in your bag or, for fellow 90s kids, tie them around your waist when not in use.

Even if you aren't as intensely geeky as I am, Authority Hoodie's hoodies are pretty cool to have and wear. Plus, if you ever have any last-minute costume parties to attend (especially during Halloween), you can just put one of these on and get away with it. :p It would be best if your entire barkada had one.

Naturally, I got the Wonder Woman one. Actually, I got the Wonder Woman one and the Harley Quinn one, but I feel like you might not take me seriously anymore if I post one of me in a Harley Quinn hoodie coz I've always been Wonder Woman. :p

For those of you wondering, these photos are pretty old. I didn't gain weight again. :p

Super loving the details! <3

If you want one of your own, then you're in luck. I'm actually giving away an Authority Hoodie Wonder Woman hoodie right here on my blog! :) All you have to do is fill up this Rafflecopter form! Good luck! :D

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  1. what a fun hoodie.

  2. That looks really funny and cool! :D

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