Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Kids Get Free Entrance at Enchanted Kingdom on Weekends!

Get the chance to channel your inner Princess Victoria or Princess Maphista. Don’t miss the opportunity to become one. Kids aged 3 to 12 years old who are dressed up like a princess will be qualified to join Enchanted Kingdom’s “Princess for a Day” promo and enjoy FREE
entrance at the country’s world-class theme park.

The promo applys on weekends from September 22 to October 13, 2019. The princesses' companions will also enjoy a 20% discount off of their purchased tickets (maximum of 10).

Tickets are available at the Front Gate ticket booth, Group Sales Office (left side of the park’s main entrance), and Makati Sales Office. All purchased tickets are not allowed for rebooking. The promotion cannot be used in conjunction with any other promo, or the Junior, Senior Citizen, PWD, and other special discounts.

For inquiries, you may e-mail  or call 8303535. Don't forget to like Enchanted Kingdom’s Facebook page, as well, where you can find more announcements and updates in the future!

Thursday, September 12, 2019

Nothing could have prepared me for the death of my dog.

Exactly a month ago, I lost my best friend: my dog Bucky. His death caught me at a vulnerable time. I was suffering mentally and emotionally because I had been away from him for almost a month (long story) and he was literally all I could think about. Maybe my heart was telling me that something was wrong. Maybe my broken soul could tell that he was suffering, as well.

Whatever the reason, I had never been so affected by death in my life. I don't really know how to explain it. After all, death was nothing new to me. I dreamt about it almost daily. I had lost many beloved friends and family members to it in the past. However, I had never felt the gut-wrenching pain of losing a dog before. Plus, it happened mere days after I had once again attempted to kill myself.

The downward spiral after his death was even more intense. I'd find myself not being able to sleep; and when I did, I found myself waking up to buckets of tears.

Bucky was such a big part of the last two years of my life and there was nothing I could do to save him. When I had no one to turn to, he was always there. And even though he couldn't talk, his presence alone was enough to make me feel a thousand times better.

Just feeling him lying next to me in the middle of the night - yes, he slept next to me on my bed - was all the comfort I needed to stop myself from crying through the night. And on extremely bad days when I didn't want to be a burden to anyone else, just feeling his fur between my fingers was enough to calm me down.

No one has ever been as happy to see me come home as Bucky was. No one has ever been as loyal as him, as loving as him, as caring as him, and as observant as him. Bucky knew whenever I was sad, coming up to me the minute the tears became just a little bit too much. He knew when I was angry, instantly barking to drown out my anger. And he knew when I was extra tired, even holding in his pee for hours until I was ready to get up and walk him.

Not everybody in my family appreciated Bucky. In fact, he was a reason of my mom's frustration and anger many, many times. But to me, he was practically like one of my children. I always said that Bucky was the best gift I had ever received (an ex of mine gave him to me on Valentine's Day!), and he really was.

Up until the night he died, I talked about him and worried about him more than anything. Before that, I'd cut my nights out short because he was on top of mind.

No matter how little sleep I had, I'd get up to walk him when no one else could. And at the slightest sign of strangeness, I'd be at the vet, where my vet would laugh at me most of the time and tell me that I worry too much for a furmomma. And worry I did. Particularly on every single day that he wasn't with me during his last days on Earth. My heart felt like it was draining every single day he was away, and now it just feels empty.

It has already been a month, but I'm still not feeling any better. I still freeze and tear up whenever I see a dog who looks even remotely similar to my boy. Sometimes, I find myself crying pretty loudly in the middle of the night because I miss him terribly. I always thought Syrena would be a teenager by the time Bucky died. I had this silly dream of building a mini-castle for him in my future garden and filling it with chihuahuas, and he'd be the king of them all. I always imagined he'd leave a mini-Bucky behind for us to love anew. But none of that happened.

This blog post is going to sound incredibly petty if you've never owned and loved a dog. But if you have and if you understand how I feel... may I know how you got over it? Is it even possible to? Please help this ex-furmomma out. :(

Monday, September 2, 2019

Luis Manzano Shares Why the Internet is So Important Nowadays

Luis Manzano isn't a new name in the showbiz realm. Through the years, he has managed to carve a name for himself and establish a career as a top-rating TV game show host and versatile actor. Recently, he was also launched as a brand ambassador for PLDT Home WiFi, a home Internet device that can be loaded with family-sized prepaid data packs.

This role as an ambassador reflects Luis' own digitally active lifestyle. He explains: "I'm online most time of the day. I take care of a lot of things and being online helps me on my daily tasks."

He adds, "I always have to be online. Sometimes, we think we're too addicted to the Internet or it takes us away from the real meaning of life. It's part and parcel of how we live now. It's how we balance everything. For me, nothing beats a really good, stable, and fast connection."

In his spare time, Luis likes playing his favorite games or geeking out online. "I'm always reading about nutrition, diving, fitness, a bit of general knowledge, anything trivial. I'm a proud nerd," he quips.

Being able to share Internet connectivity is also crucial to nurturing relationships in this digital age. He adds: "It's as simple as when you step out, when you converse, when you talk to your family and you go, 'Oh, have you seen this?" or "Oh, I've watched that, too!' It's sharing the impact of the actual 'connection'."

As an advocate of life-long learning, Luis also sees the value of home Internet in empowering school-age children. In this age of digitally savvy kids where everyone has access to online information, it is crucial to keep up and gain a competitive edge in order to stand out.

"Imagine: now you can have online research and group meetings for projects. And if you need extra help for a lesson, you can search online for video tutorials," Luis points out. "And when you're reviewing for an exam, you can do practice tests online. It's easier now for both parents and kids to excel and achieve their goals because of easy access to information."

He advises everyone to keep learning every chance they get. "I am happy that PLDT Home makes Internet more accessible to Filipino homes through their prepaid offering. Let's make the world a better place by encouraging more Filipinos to stay connected and be digitally informed," Luis concludes. "Let's all progress at the same time. The best way to get started is by having reliable Internet connection at home."

Watch PLDT Home's latest TVC here, which features the importance of Internet connection, especially for families with schoolchildren:

Although used as a retort back in the day, the phrase "Naks, daming alam!" has now become an expression for praise and admiration. Luis shares, "It's one of the biggest compliments. When someone tells me, 'Naks, daming alam', well, thank you very much! That's because I read and have access to reliable Internet connection to research and learn more about the world."

You and your family can now enjoy the perks of easy access to high-speed and reliable Internet from PLDT Home Wi-Fi powered by the country's fastest LTE from Smart.

The new PLDT Home WiFi is now available in more areas in the Philippines. For a one-time payment of Php1,995, you can buy this device at all PLDT stores and retailers, SM branches nationwide, and authorized dealers. It comes with free 10GB of data valid for 7 days. And because it is prepaid, you don't have to worry about lock-in periods, monthly bills, or bill shock from uncontrolled data usage.

For only Php199, you can avail of FAMLOAD 199, which offers up to 12GB of data valid for 7 days. FamLoad data packages are conveniently available at authorized PLDT and Smart retailers, nearby sari-sari stores, telco tiangge stalls, and 7-Eleven branches nationwide.

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Want to Join the OPPO Reno Sunset Rose x MAC Workshop This Weekend?

Everybody loves a stunning photo - one that combines great looks, stunning backdrops, and perfect lighting to capture the interplay of art and technology.

Through a partnership with MAC, OPPO sets out to illustrate the artistry and skill of makeup artists and bring them to life with the perfect headshot.

With the vision of showcasing creativity in beauty beyond face value, OPPO is collaborating with cosmetics powerhouse MAC for a beauty workshop to be integrated into the Reno Collective Pop-Up Art Exhibit this August 17-18 at SM Mega Fashion Hall.

This will be the third leg of the pop-up exhibit featuring immersive art installations, with activities and interactive spaces especially dedicated to the Reno Sunset Rose colorway.

At this highly-anticipated workshop, celebrity makeup artists RB Chanco and Sylvina Lopez will doll up several girls from the Reno Collective with MAC, using their creative vision to create looks inspired by the limited edition OPPO Reno in Sunset Rose.

This interactive workshop will allow participants to learn the creative process behind applying makeup from professional artists and use the same techniques to recreate the OPPO Reno in Sunset Rose look using MAC products.

The workshop will be open to the public with limited accommodations of 20 slots, all at a first-come-first-serve basis. Exclusive special treats also await the first 5 in line. If you want to join, simply head to the designated OPPO x MAC booth as soon as the exhibit opens.

After getting glammed up, you will also get to experience a magazine-quality portrait shoot with Miguel Alomajan.

The new Reno Sunset Rose colorway is inspired by the color of white roses meshed with the soft pink hues of the setting sunmaking it a fashionably superb gadget  that combines functionality with style. 

Launched last July, the limited edition OPPO Reno in Sunset Rose is equipped with a 48MP rear camera and 5MP front camera that guarantees picture-perfect portraits, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 710 processor for long-lasting performance, and an AMOLED panoramic screen for a vibrant and immersive viewing experience. Aside from the limited edition Sunset Rose colorway, the OPPO Reno also comes in Jet Black and Ocean Green.

Visit the OPPO Reno Collective Pop-Up Art Exhibit and join the exclusive OPPO X M·A·C workshop this August 17 and 19, at the SM Mega Fashion Hall. Workshop starts at 2PM.

The limited edition OPPO Reno in Sunset Rose retails at Php26,990 and is available in 55 select OPPO concept stores nationwide. The OPPO Reno also comes in Jet Black and Ocean Green. To know more about the Reno, visit their website here.

If you're in love, Love Alarm will ring.

Nakakaloka this new Korean drama series that's coming to Netflix this August 22!!!

The premise is pretty simple... If you're in love, Love Alarm will ring. If you're in love, you cannot hide your feelings.

Let's take a moment to pause and reflect on that. What if this app existed in real life? Would you download it? Would you die of embarrassment? How would that work exactly? And it's not just love ha. The alarm will also go off if you're just crushing on someone!!! What if everyone is using it? Would you give in to the peer pressure? I. Can't. Even. Begin. To. Imagineeeee. I would probably just keep beeping non-stop.

That's where smart girl Jojo in the series comes in. While everyone is talking about and using the app to test their love and popularity (high school-me probably would have downloaded it now that I've typed that), Jojo is one of the few exceptions as life itself is an uphill battle for her.

However, Jojo soon faces a love triangle between Sun-oh, whom she is fond of, and Hye-young, who has a huge crush on her.

Watch the trailer here:

Love Alarm is based on a popular Korean webtoon of the same title by Chon Kye-young, whose other works like Unplugged Boy and Audition have a strong following in Korea.

Looking for more K-Dramas to watch? Check out these 6 original titles on Netflix you're sure to love!

6 Original Titles on Netflix K-Drama Fans Will Love

I never really understood the fascination with K-Dramas... until someone literally forced me to watch 'Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo'. That's when I fell down the rabbit hole and became so obsessed, I never looked back. :p

Netflix has been a great help at satiating my thirst for K-Dramas and they have continued to grow their K-Drama library this 2019 with original titles that you can only find on their streaming service (provided you aren't a pirate, that is). Here are some of the original titles that have come out and are coming out this 2019 that you definitely shouldn't miss!

6 Original Titles on Netflix K-Drama Fans Will Love

Svaha: The Sixth Finger

Svaha is a mystery thriller starring Lee Jung-jae and Park Jung-min that revolves around Pastor Park, who is hired to expose a religious cult. He learns of a young girl's murder and starts to connect the dots. An obsession of another young girl by a religious fanatic also builds a mystery that confuses Pastor Park.

Watch the trailer here:

Chief of Staff

Chief of Staff is a drama series starring Lee Jung-jae and Shin Min-ah about the world of political aides who are normally outside the spotlight, portraying them as the real players in politics.

Designated Survivor: 60 Days

Designated Survivor: 60 Days is a Korean adaptation of the American TV series Designated Survivor. It stars Ji Jin-hee, Lee Joon-hyuk, and Heo Joon-ho. The story revolves around a politician who becomes President because everyone in the Cabinet ahead of him dies in an explosion at the National Assembly. During his stint as President, he tries to uncover the truth behind the explosion.

Watch the trailer here:

My First First Love Season 2

My First First Love Season 2 is here, continuing to portray how the five characters grow as young adults. Of course, all five main characters - Jisoo, Jung Chae-yeon, Jinyoung, Kang Tae-oh, and Choi Ri - all return for the second season.

Love Alarm Season 1 (August 22)

Love Alarm Season 1 is finally showing next week, and you'll love the premise of it, I'm sure! Based on a popular Korean webtoon of the same name, Love Alarm features an app that sends out an 'alarm' when someone who has romantic feelings for you is within a 10-meter radius. Can you imagine how that would work in real life? :p

Watch the trailer here:

Vagabond (September 2019)

Vagabond is an action spy drama series starring Lee Seung-gi and Bae Suzy. The story revolves around stuntman Cha Dal-geon, who gets involved in a plane crash and ends up discovering a national corruption scandal in the process.

Watch the trailer here:

Kim Minyoung, Director of Content in Korea for Netflix, shares that Netflix started adding Korean titles three years ago and they've seen how this has attracted new audiences who are discovering the Netflix viewing experience for their K-Drama viewing.

There's no time like now for K-Drama addicts like me to refresh their Netflix watch-list with this host of new Korean original titles.

What are some of your favorite K-Dramas? Give me a list to watch, please!

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

After 2 years, I had another psychotic episode.

It has been almost 2 years since I last felt the pain and strain of having schizophrenia. That seems like a long time. So long, in fact, that I honestly thought I was okay. Healthy. I was off meds. I was no longer visiting my psychiatrist on a regular basis. I had found a person I considered my home. I was in a good place.

And just like that, the inevitable happened: I experienced an intense psychotic episode - so intense that all I wanted was to get away from everyone and everything. I didn't even try to reach out to anyone anymore. I just listened and gave in to the voices in my head, and delved head straight into what I was hoping was the end.

When I woke up, though, I was still breathing in this shit hole of a body with a stomach newly cleared of many delicious painkillers and the same clear thought in my mind: "I want to die."

This, of course, warranted another visit to my psychiatrist, which has resulted in another round of month-long meds in the form of antipsychotics and sleeping pills. I have also been put on an alcohol ban and a *wait for it* casual sex ban. Lol.

Right after my visit to the shrink, I immediately went to my best friend's house. She had been gone for the weekend and had missed this emotional turning point of my life, and I told her everything. She made me ramen. She talked to me. She kept me company. And then she took me to eat samgyup.

It's such a small and trivial thing to some; but I don't remember the last real meal I had, and she readily made me food when I showed up at her house, and then even took me out to eat my comfort food because - and I quote - "you don't eat anymore". People don't usually notice things like that, you know? People don't usually care beyond what happens when I'm around them, you know?

I have once again reached rock bottom in my life, and I'm pretty sure this won't be the last time that I reach this point (this is a real mental illness I'm suffering from, after all); but I am grateful for all of the little things that happened after the episode.

I am grateful for Gizelle, who never gets sick of my broken self (or at least doesn't show that she's sick of it if she is) even when I'm a bitch at work sometimes. I am grateful for my workmates who always check in whenever I post depressing shit on social media. I am grateful for seeing old friends, who serve as reminders of better days.

I am grateful for the strangers who message me and point out the courage I never noticed I have. I am grateful for oppas who help me forget my broken heart, if only for a few moments. I am grateful for Korean food and how it can put a smile on my face in my lowest moments.

I am beyond grateful for my friends who surprisingly share my mental struggles; I never noticed because they seem so strong in their own lives. You give me hope. And lastly, I am grateful that God repeatedly gives me chances to live, no matter how many times I throw myself at Death, practically begging to finally be taken away.

Life is hard. And for me, it never feels like it will ever get better. But somehow, some way, the right people come along at the right time to try and lift me up out of my "funk", as my doctor calls it. The good news (if you can call it that) is that my doctor says I'm not beyond repair. She says I'm still at a better place now than I was when I first visited her. And she says the meds might make things better.

And so, here I am trying to make better choices - conscious choices. Here I am, once again swallowing pill after pill, just waiting for things to get better. Here I am, battling that desire to die and hoping that I'll hold out before God Himself finally gives up on me and lets me go.

Wednesday, July 31, 2019

In an alternate universe, we're okay.

I'm the type of person who does everything she can to fix her broken relationships. Despite having been cheated on multiple times in the past, I forgave them all.

I forgive because I believe that people can change. I forgive because I know I'm not perfect. I forgive because I believe that when your love is strong enough and if you really, really want to and if you work really hard together to fix things; love can overcome all obstacles.

I blame Christian and Satine of 'Moulin Rouge' for this ridiculous obsession with love; but somehow, that hope and that belief gives me strength. I believe in love because it's what keeps me going.

But what happens when the other person no longer wants to work for it? What do you do when the person that you love no longer loves you back and no longer wants to work it out and no longer feels the same way?

Earlier this year, I was comforting two friends with broken hearts - both with different reasons for heartbreak. One of them had gotten cheated on multiple times and was blaming herself for her boyfriend's infidelity. That's when the other one blurted out, "At least he still loves you. My boyfriend cheated on me and then told me that he no longer loves me. There is no longer any hope for us." And that hit hard because on some twisted and pathetic level, I could relate to it.

I don't ask for much in my relationships. Being a single mom, I'm as independent as a woman can get. I don't ask for gifts. I don't ask for men to drive me everywhere. I don't ask for men to pay for my meals. All I ask for is that you're there when I need you the most - when I'm sick, when I'm crying in the middle of the night, when I need reassurance because of something that happened in the past.

I have a bad temper, but that's because I care (and because I tend to forgot to take my mind meds). I'm clingy. I'm insecure. I'm dramatic. I have a lot of close guy friends. But the minute you call me out about something, I'm more than understanding and I'm more than willing to change for you. I also love - fiercely, unconditionally, and even stupidly.

Yet still, that's not enough for some people. And it's hard. It's hard because I never know what to do with myself at the end of the road. I get so used to running to this one person when I have good news, bad news, or funny news. Memes, events, and places remind me of a person. And then all of a sudden, they're gone.

I replay everything that went wrong between us and wonder how I could've done things differently. What could I have done to make things better? What did I lack? Why am I not good enough?

I try to rest easy by telling myself that in an alternate universe, we're okay. Somewhere out there, there is a me and a you that are still very much in love - both ways. Somewhere out there, there is a me who doesn't cry herself to sleep at night anymore. Somewhere out there, I get to scream at the top of my lungs that I love you. And I still do. Fiercely, unconditionally, and stupidly.

glasses from Star Finder / lipstick from Maybelline / hair by David's Salon / jacket and skirt from Forever 21 / crop top from Topshop / nails from Fab Nails PH / shoes from Miley x Converse

Thursday, June 27, 2019

8 Benefits of Snow Caps You Might Not Know About

A few years ago, I lost a lot of weight because of what I call my ‘miracle worker’, MySlim. Soon after that, I also tried out another Vida Nutriscience product called Snow Caps.

Whenever I mention Snow Caps, people seem to think that I take it to get whiter. If you know me, though, you’ll know that I’m very proud to be morena. Even if I get a little fairer, my morena-ness will still always shine through. So why do I take Snow Caps?

Well, what you might not know is that Snow Caps actually comes with a bunch of other benefits. In fact, the whitening part is just a bonus of what it does as a product.

8 Benefits of Snow Caps You Might Not Know About

It will protect you from environmental and chemical toxins.

Ever come home after a long day feeling haggard and, well, dirty? I don’t blame you, especially if you’re a commuter. Our country is super polluted, and the heat doesn’t help, either.

Nor does my smoking habit, I know.

If you want to at least make sure that your body stays a bit safer from pollution, taking glutathione everyday can help – and that’s something that Snow Caps has.

It will protect your immune system from oxidative stress.

On that note, glutathione will also attack germs and viruses and help you stay healthy all year round. I’m not a fan of taking vitamins everyday. I always believe that my body is strong enough to handle germs and viruses; but since I’m already taking Snow Caps anyway, it helps to know that it has the ability to do this, as well. It also reduces the effects of stress overall, so you can finally say goodbye to the headaches and anger that you might feel after a bad day.

It will increase your energy for better athletic performance.

Going to the gym everyday has been made easier with Snow Caps. Thanks to its ability to increase energy, I never feel like dying after a workout session.

I also find myself looking forward to going to the gym instead of making up excuses before I even leave the house.

It reduces muscle and joint discomfort, and helps you recover faster.

If you go to the gym on a regular basis, then you probably end up with aching muscles like I do more often than not. If this is the case, then you’ll be happy to know that Snow Caps can help alleviate that pain. After a sweat session, you won’t be walking down the stairs slower than usual because everything hurts anymore. You will also recover faster, in general.

It will slow down the aging process and improve your skin.

I have to admit that aging has been bothering me for the past few years. This is the reason why I started looking into skin care all of a sudden. Glutathione can help slow down the aging process if this has been bothering you, too. In fact, it can actually improve how your skin looks as a whole.

I have come to notice that Snow Caps gives my cheeks a pinkish glow even without makeup on.

It detoxifies the liver and cells.

I’ve heard that Snow Caps works as a great hangover cure, though I have yet to try this myself. Apparently, if you had a lot to drink the night before, you can just pop a pill the following morning and feel as good as new in just a few hours. Since glutathione is known to detoxify the liver, this actually makes sense.

It improves mental focus and clarity.

If you have trouble focusing at work, you might want to add Snow Caps to your everyday regimen, as well. Not only will you be able to focus better on the tasks at hand; you’ll also be able to think clearer, in general. You will sleep better. If you’re an insomniac like me, Snow Caps can also help you sleep better. Although I don’t always sleep early despite taking Snow Caps, I do find that my quality of sleep as drastically improved.

Find out more about Snow Caps on Snow Caps’ Facebook page, and follow them on Twitter (@snowgluta) and on Instagram (@snowwhitening)

The 'Charlie's Angels' Trailer Has Got Me Crushing on Kristen Stewart... REAL BAD.

Well, this was unexpected. If you know me, you'll know that I hate it when people decide to remake movies that I loved when I was younger. One remake that I absolutely dreaded when I heard about it was 'Charlie's Angels'.

See, I have a lot of memories with the 'Charlie's Angels' of about 1.5 decades ago. It was supposed to be my first time watching a movie with an actual date... and then my date didn't show up. And so, a girl friend of mine came to the rescue, and we watched the movie together. Talk about the ultimate girl power move!

A few weeks later, we had to perform some sort of play in school and me and that girl friend (plus another girl friend) performed as the Charlie's Angels. I was Drew. Ever since then, I've had a soft spot for the movies, and I really wasn't looking forward to a remake that might ruin all of that.

Well, consider me speechless because I truly and utterly enjoyed the trailer of the 2019 remake:

And what's more: I am finding myself absolutely smitten with Kristen Stewart! I mean, come on... just look at her! She looks mighty fine and with Elizabeth Banks at the helm, I'm sure we can expect this movie to be full of even more girl power than the last ones. Fingers crossed!

Are you excited to see the new 'Charlie's Angels', too?

Friday, June 21, 2019

The 'Stranger Things 3' Trailer Looks So Bad-Ass!!!

Guys, it's not far off now!!! On July 4, 'Stranger Things' will be back for a third season with what-I'm-sure-will-be-epic eight episodes. Today, the trailer was released, and it looks absolutely AWESOME. Although the vibe is definitely different compared to the first two seasons, I'm definitely not complaining.

In case you haven't seen the trailer yet, here it is:

Am I the only one who got goosebumps from that eerily similar scene to 'Jurassic Park'? I cannot wait for this!!!

Wanna stock up on 'Stranger Things' merch? Check out some of the merch I got from 0917 Lifestyle store a while back:

Who's your favorite character in 'Stranger Things'? I'm on Team Will all the way!!! :D

For more information, like 'Stranger Things' on Facebook, and follow 'Stranger Things' on Twitter and Instagram: @StrangerThingsTV :)

Sunday, May 19, 2019

Vans is Releasing a Harry Potter Collection Based on the Hogwarts Houses

If you've been following my blog for a while now, you probably already know that I don't leave the house without at least a little bit of geekery in my OOTDs. As such, I have quite a cute collection of geeky footwear so far. And as such, you'll understand why I am completely going crazy over the announcement that Vans will soon be releasing a Harry Potter collection based on the Hogwarts houses of the Wizarding World.

The best part? They all look so good, I don't even know if I can just stick to buying the pair of my house (Ravenclaw, for those who are curious).

Those Gryffindor high-tops look particularly cool. I'm already telling myself that maybe I can pass them off as Lannister sneakers? :p The leather Slytherin ones look so bad-ass, too, and I'm absolutely loving the basic design of the Hufflepuff ones, which are closest to the classic Vans that I'm used to.

Of course, the plaid blue and grey Ravenclaw ones are on top of my to-buy list but which ones do you like best? Will you be buying any based on your Hogwarts house or just for the aesthetics?

This isn't even the whole collection yet. That's right. Vans will be releasing even more footwear styles, as well as clothes and accessories for both men and women. I. Cannot. Wait.

Saturday, May 11, 2019

These Limited Edition Toblerone Sleeves are Perfect for Moms

Whether you already have a gift for your mom this Mother's Day or not, it doesn't hurt to get a little extra something to supplement it. I already ordered flowers way in advance for my momma, but I also decided to get her some chocolate because, well, she loves the stuff.

When it came to the question: what kind of chocolate should I get her to make her happy? I decided to go for Toblerone. Why? Aside from having sentimental value (we practically lived on Toblerone when we lived in Germany!); Toblerone's smooth chocolate, chewey nougat, and crunchy almonds make for a special and heartwarming gift.

The cherry on top? Toblerone has released special limited edition Mother's Day sleeves perfect for the occasion:

This Mothers’ Day, Toblerone teamed up with Filipina It-Moms Isabelle Daza and Georgina Wilson, fashionable and gorgeous moms who are currently enjoying the journey of motherhood.

Apparently, their Toblerone sleeve designs reflect their personal views on motherhood. According to Georgina, she designed the pack to celebrate Mother's Day everyday in every little thing we do for our little ones." As for Isabelle, "I wanted something meaningful to give and to receive that would look aesthetic, too. I also made sure the design reminds me and other moms and kids that time with family is always the sweetest."

In addition to these fun artworks, you can also choose from sleeves designed by June Digan, who is known for bold artworks combined with calligraphy; Louise Dimagmaliw, whose artwork is beloved for their whimsical quality; Anina Rubio, who is well-known for her fun and colorful creations; and Raxenne Maniquiz, who works on lovely, multi-colored patterns. There are many design options that will help express how you feel about your mom.

This Mothers’ Day, be thoughtful and give a sweet treat to your #MyMomandOnly! Find ways to celebrate her. #BeMoreImaginative and make her feel like the winner that she is with the limited edition Toblerone Mothers’ Day packs!

You can win some for yourself here, too:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The Limited Edition Mother’s Day Black Packs are available in 100g (Php106), 200g (Php206) and 360g (Php400).

To know more, like Toblerone on Facebook and follow them on Twitter and Instagram: @tobleroneph

Monday, April 29, 2019

Song Joong-Ki Stars in New Korean Epic Fantasy Drama 'Arthdal Chronicles'

There's a new Korean drama coming to Netflix in June - and it's not just any Korean drama; it's going to be an epic fantasy drama - and the cast is one to get excited for!

Song Joong-ki, Jang Dong-gun, Kim Ji-won, and Kim Ok-bin will all be part of 'Arthdal Chronicles', which will depict the birth of civilization and nations in ancient times. It is a story of mythical heroes and their struggle, unity, and love of people living in the virtual land called Arth.

'Arthdal Chronicles' centers around the ancient city of Arthdal. Eunseom, played by Song Joong-ki, is an innocent-looking character who relentlessly fights to protect his own tribe. Jang Dong-gun, on the other hand, plays Tagon, the charismatic and talented yet overwhelmingly dangerous son of the leader of the Saenyeok Tribe.

Alongside Eunseom and Tagon are Tanya and Taealha, each played by Kim Ji-won and Kim Ok-bin. Watch the teaser trailer here:

'Arthdal Chronicles' is directed by Kim Won-seok ('Sungkyunkwan Scandal', 'Misaeng'), and written by Kim Young-hyun and Park Sang-yeon, the two award-winning screenwriters of the popular Korean historical period dramas 'Deep Rooted Tree' and 'Queen Seondeok'.

Friday, April 19, 2019

How to Meet Park Bo Gum in Manila

K-drama fans, unite! TNT and Ovation Productions are bringing in South Korean breakthrough actor and superstar Park Bo Gum to the Mall of Asia Arena for the Manila stop of his 2019 Asia tour entitled “May Your Every Day be a Good Day.” 

The fan meet is Park Bo Gum’s way of expressing his gratitude to the fans who have supported and adored him in his blossoming career.

Park Bo Gum has had a steady rise in Korean pop culture since his debut in 2011, eventually breaking through in the 2016 K-drama series 'Love in the Moonlight'.

If you want to win tickets to his fan meet on April 27, 2019; you can join TNT’s online promos on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. All you have to do is:

  • Create your own GIF or photo meme using Park Bo Gum’s videos or photos and post it on Facebook or Twitter with the hashtag #TNTParkBoGumMNL

  • Create your own Park Bo Gum Good Day fan art and let us know why you want to meet him by posting on Instagram using the hashtag #TNTParkBoGumMNL

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