Tuesday, March 12, 2019

The Live-Action 'Aladdin' Movie Better Not Ruin My Childhood

Back in 2014, I once wrote about my love for 'Aladdin' and why it means so much to me. That's why, ever since this whole announcement of a live-action version, I've been worrying that my whole childhood will be ruined.

Well, they just released the official trailer of the movie yesterday and if you haven't seen it yet, here it is:

Honestly, I still have no idea how to feel about some of the things in the trailer. It starts off amazingly with Aladdin running away from the palace guards. We get an adorable glimpse of Abu and Aladdin's love-at-first-sight moment with Jasmine (who also looks great, in my opinion).

And then we see Jafar speaking to Aladdin in the desert... and that's where I start getting worried. I'm still not sold on Jafar's look. From the back, he looks great... but this? Hmm. I think I'll need to see more menacing scenes to make a decision about him.

There is no doubt that Agrabah looks stunning, though, and the costumes are to die for!!! Not to mention Rajah!!! The Cave of Wonders? The Magic Carpet? All stunning! I'm even sold on Will Smith when he comes out of the lamp as the Genie for the first time.

It's when he starts singing that I get thrown off. I love Will Smith and all, but I really still don't know how to feel about him as the Genie. I'm definitely excited to see the whole Prince Ali scene, though.

And I have got to admit: I got super kilig when I heard Aladdin say the "Do you trust me?" And that whole montage of scenes at the end while they play 'A Whole New World' gives me a bit of hope. Still not gonna get my hopes up too high, though.

I think my biggest problem with this whole live-action version of 'Aladdin' is the fact that it was completely unnecessary to begin with. 'Aladdin' has always been the perfect Disney movie in my eyes and I am now so worried that they will ruin it. Let's hope they don't.


  1. I hate how they are remaking a lot of the old Disney movies.


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